About Us

Doon at Door, First comprehensive online store which aims at, "Facilities at your door step" and introducing neighbourhood commerce, shoppers site numerous  reason for their online preference  including that, it saves time makes comparing prices easy, doesn't require fighting through crowded stores and thus, provides a larger variety of items to purchase.  

Company Strategy

Purpose :

To introduce neighbourhood
commerce by providing enhanced
services, relationships, work employment,
and profitability.  

Vision :

To provide quality
services that exceeds
the expectations of
our esteemed customers
and allied  vendors.

Mission :

Is to build long term relationship with our customers as well as clients and provide exceptional customers services by purchasing business through innovation & advanced technology. 

Core Values :

we believe in treating our customers with respect and faith.

  • We grow through creativity, Invention and Innovation. 
  • We integrate as well as appreciate honesty, Integrity, &  business ethics into all aspect of our business functioning. 

Goals :

Regional Expansion in the field  of e-commerce by establishing a social infrastructure through digital marketing.

Increase the assets and investments of the company to support the development of services.